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Legends - The Duo & The Album

If don't by now know any of the two artists that I am going to name, then do me a favor and please click 'new tab' on your web browser and google them - I'll wait for you to come back..... ReachingNOVA and Teemonee. Individually they have been dropping quality music for probably over a decade now. Their first collaboration was 2015 (In the Paint) and they have been teasing us ever since with singles like Once Again and The Message to name just a few. Making us wait a good 5 years they finally, FINALLY dropped a project together approximately titled "Legends" on March 20, 2020.

The album produced by Geo The Architect and ReachingNOVA himself, has 6 tracks each telling its own story through inspiring and catchy lyrics and beats that you can feel in your soul. The only two features on this album are female artists Amnel Holguin and Cilla Ramos both adding their angelic voices and personal touches to the tracks. The #Legendary artwork for the album was done by MGS (IG @mgsvsns).

These #LEGENDS were scheduled to have a one night concert on March 29 but due to the current COVID situation they dropped a video for us instead for the song "Thriller Music" on YouTube. The video shot by once again Geo The Architect (what doesn't he do) was a fun experience to shoot and it came out fire! This team of creative minds have put together an amazing body of work and visuals that leave us wanting more.

You don't have to take my word for it, you can listen to the album yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Click Here to listen, Enjoy!



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