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You won't find his name on the cover of his new album but RoyaleWcheeze is a new independent artist who said he was going to release an album in 2019 and he did it barely a year later.

We were first introduced to RoyaleWcheeze and his style in Sept of 2019 when he performed for the first time at a Sity Life Ent. event at Five Spot in Brooklyn. His flow is unique, he's not comparable to anyone who's currently on the top charts right now, all the benefits of being independent, you can be as you as you want.

As many of us know it is not easy in any level of your career to produce an album, it is a lot of work, a lot of hours, a lot of dedication, and for an independent artist it can be a lot of money. But if you want it bad enough there's nothing you can't do as RoyaleWcheeze showed us. His debut album "The Duty Dozen", released on 4/20/2020, is beautifully produced by GeoTheArchitect and it has features from some of New York's most talented artist such as ReachingNOVA, Teemonee, Debanaire to name just a few and Tampa's very own Pusha Preme.

For a debut album The Duty Dozen is impressive and if the artwork for it doesn't make you want to listen to it alone I really don't know what will. (Artwork by Eric Hollaway IG @e_hollaway)

RoyaleWcheeze's flow is different from anyone out right now, his flow and his lyrics are distinctive, but you'll have to listen to him yourself to find out more....

Click here to Listen, Enjoy!



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