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La Mezcla

The only problem I have with this album is that it's only 5 songs...

'La Mezcla' released on July 18 on all streaming platforms, is the newest album from Cilla Ramos and Papi Kaiser. It's produced by no other than Geo The Architect and the whole album is on my car playlist.

The beats are captivating, Cilla Ramos' voice is amazing and Papi Kaiser's lyrics get stuck in your head almost immediately. The songs are super catchy, "Pompis" would be playing at clubs if we weren't shut down right now, don't believe me? Play it and tell me you didn't dance along...

Cilla Ramos and Papi Kaiser are two independent artists who have joined together to create this collection of Spanglish hits for the culture. As a bilingual Dominican I love Spanglish music and this album gives me 5 hits to choose from and more to look forward to from these two talented artists, aside from the mesmerizing songs on Cilla Ramos "The Blossom" debut album.

If you're into catchy latin trap beats, catchy lyrics and beautiful voices, please check out this album and check out the artists' catalogue like Papi Kaiser's "Ruleta" track which stays in my head. Below enjoy a video not off the album - Papi Kaiser's "X100PRE" featuring Cilla Ramos, another fire track from this duo.



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