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Light some sage and a candle and check out this spoken word artist whose name alone might intrigue you. Sin's words are lyrical and are often accompanied by a smooth beat or music that'll have you bopping along to his words. His poetic tracks speak on a variety of topics, having something relatable for everyone. On his website there is a song about his childhood, a track he made to hype up fashion models, and an erotic poem titled "Witchy Vibes"

It is an appreciation track for women with Witchy Vibes, the energy, the aesthetic, all of it! - Sin

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Sin is a spoken word artist from Fort Worth, Tx. He started writing at a young age taking it more seriously at around 18 when he performed at his first open mic and has been continuously working hard on his craft. He currently has a project out titled AndPoetry.

"For me AndPoetry represents my style. Not quite rap, not quite poetry. Like Rhythm And Poetry (RAP) without the Rhythm (Beat) Its my goal to become a full time artist, and tour doing colleges, house shows, or local showcases." - Sin


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