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Ang Meets Soul

Grab a cup of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate, snuggle up into your favorite reading spot and visit ANG MEETS SOUL. Angie Soul's personality draws you into her blog which is more than just an ordinary blog. It is a safe space about topics that are relatable and informative posts that feel like you are having a conversation with a friend. A friend who you can rely on to be there for you and to make you feel better instantly.



Angie Soul is a lifestyle blogger with an unexpected edge. Very soulful, Angie Soul connects with her audience through her open and vulnerable dialogue, her witty nature, and insightful sarcasm creating a tone of an in-person conversation, rather than a blog post to read. Her blog, Ang Meets Soul, covers topics from personal experiences of finding self-love and breaking generational curses to tips on becoming more spiritually aware and mindful. A bit of a wanderlust, Ang also shares her adventures through her most anticipated blogs posts, her travel series. A fairly new blogger with her blog only being a little over a year old, Angie Soul hopes to continue to connect with her audience on a vast scale while creating a safe space for those who have not found their voices yet.

Featured Post

An Ode To Self-Care

"Where do I begin?

It feels unfamiliarly odd to be writing right now. My ‘mini-break’ turned out to be much longer than intended. A lot of soul searching. A lot of questions. A lot of doubts. And a whole lot of tears. More tears than I ever wanted to experience. And although it felt painful; many sleepless nights filled with overwhelming anxiety, it felt unbelievably necessary. Detoxing is never easy. And I don’t mean clean diets to flush out your digestive system. I mean truly detoxing what needs to be removed from your life all together. Detoxing bad habits, toxic ways of thinking. Detoxing and separating yourself from people who do not have your best interest. IT’S NEVER EASY....

Self-love does not always look like bubble baths and candles. Sometimes self-love requires you to sit in your own darkness and push yourself to find the light. Here comes the transparency: I’m not there yet. But I am taking great strides in reaching that light. My form of self-love was disconnecting and spending time in solitude." - To read the full post click HERE

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