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Before I Say I Do

Pusha Preme is an artist who is constantly giving us different music for different moods. His mask covers his face with captivating stones as captivating as his lyrics. He's the type of artist that'll have you looking up lyrics on genius hoping there's a breakdown of what he said because you know it's deeper than what you just heard. "Before I Say I Do" will have you doing just that.

His latest project is more than just an album, it's a collection of hits, each song could be on the top 100 chart. Pusha Preme is a hip hop artist but on this album he is more than just that with songs like "Apple Pie", which has a pop vibe, and "Adam and Eve", that will definitely have you dancing in your seat. His lyrics and beats will have you listening to this 9 song album a few times and adding your favorite tracks to your playlists.

Listen to the album for yourself HERE and on all streaming platforms


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