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If you are from Philly and have been to any of the following: Lyrics Nightclub, Infinity Nightclub on a Boujee night, El Patron Night Club, or even Inhil Lounge Dubai Night Club in NJ; then you know exactly who Boujeeboy is and need no introduction. Boujeeboy is a promoter for both these nightclubs, providing all guests with a much needed night of good music and an amazing time.

Boujeeboy is also a model, a stylist and a director working with artists such as the Dominican rapper Lady Vixxen, Jahad, Young King and Moneymakingchris. Boujeeboy is multitalented, fierce and ready to bring Philly more music and more unforgettable events.

To learn more about Boujeeboy or to connect, please see below:


Social Media



Boujeeboy ft Tefa - I Love You My Girl


One of Boujeeboy nights

BOUJEEFRIDAYS at Lyrics Lounge

Promoted by Boujeeboy #boujeepromotions

Music by DJXL and DJ Basedrop Video by Steadystills

Check out Boujeeboy in Lady Vixxen's video - Cuando Suena

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