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C'est La Vie

ReachingNOVA celebrates the end of 2020 and starts off in the new year with a much awaited single release. His new song "C'est La Vie" debuted on all streaming platforms at midnight on January 1st, and it is certainly a vibe. The beat and the melodic chorus keeps you hooked to his words and charming personality that shines throughout the whole song.

This song's energy is perfect for those who want more and are getting ready to take on the new year with lyrics like "Always level up, see my enemy's name is comfortable" and "wanted more from life than a job, rent and wedding cake". Lyrics that'll have you ready to take on the day and the world, respectfully. "C'est La Vie" can be listened to while getting ready for work, while driving, with friends, at a zoom party, for a pick me up, and at any time really.

ReachingNOVA is an inspiration to independent artists managing their own careers, showing you how it's done through his music and his moves. If you haven't heard his music yet, you can find him on all streaming platforms, or you can start with his new single link found below.

C'est La Vie - ReachingNOVA


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