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Cilla Ramos

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this artist and watching her flourish over time. From the first moment we’d cross paths I felt she was cut from the same cloth as most stars, and she’s become one of my favorite rising female talents in the game today. Cilla Ramos is an abundance of creativity - her beautiful voice will peak your interest, her songwriting ability will likely grab your attention in nearly every tune, and to say the least her captivating personality will lure you farther into her world. Her sense of humor illuminates an entire room and she's a fluent dancer – Truthfully she’s the whole package and then some! You don't have to take it from me though, Cilla has plenty of music and videos in her catalogue for you to explore and see exactly what it is I’m talking about. Let me know your thoughts and how you feel about this rising star.

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Cilla Ramos


Cilla Ramos is a Singer-songwriter from Queens, NY. She was just a kid when she fell in love with music and realized her natural abilities as a singer. Throughout elementary & middle school, she expressed herself through music by joining the choir clubs, talent shows and even performed at her school graduation ceremonies.

When she got to high school in 2009, Cilla began exploring her talents as a writer starting with poetry and eventually advanced into writing her own songs. She would also post cover songs on facebook to gain exposure and did some musical collaborations with some local artists. This was only the beginning.

Despite being one of the most improved students in her high school, Cilla dropped out in 2012. Life happened and things were quiet for a while. Later on in 2015, she got her G.E.D Diploma and signed herself up for audio engineering school.

It was at this point in her life that Cilla decided to take music seriously. By learning the technology behind making music, she was able to invest in equipment to record songs on her own and in her own space. Cilla became dedicated to finding herself as a person, growing as an artist and connecting with like-minded creatives.

Finally in 2019, she released her first single “Be My Melody” and it’s been a non-stop creative journey ever since. Now in 2021, Cilla has produced a diverse catalog of songs ranging from Pop, R&B, Hip-hop and Latin music. With an affinity for challenging her artistry, you can always expect different flavors from Cilla Ramos. This is an artist that will keep finding her way into your playlist.


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