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New Jersey!!! Allow me to introduce a hardworking artist from your home state to the world.

Drechief is an artist from New Jersey who's vibes and charisma will surely grab your attention. He is currently working with DJ Don Demarco, the official DJ for Ja Rule, Smack URL Rap Battles and Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio. He is no stranger to the stage, on his YouTube page you can find performances of his in popular New Jersey spots as well as the iconic SOB's in NYC.

He is currently promoting his new single titled "Hustle Demon", available on all streaming platforms and video available now on YouTube. You can also find his new video featured below.

To learn more about this artist or to connect with Drechief, please view below:



When it comes to charisma, dynamic word play, undeniable work ethic, and supreme presence, Drechief has proven he's New Jersey’s newest threat to the industry. Drechief is grabbing the world's attention with his fresh new single "HUSTLE DEMON" available on all major streaming platforms. Currently working with Desert Storm's DJ Don Demarco, Drechief has been featured on Power 105.1Fm, The Source Magazine, and has funded and supported his own independent events, making Drechief one of The Top Live Performers in The Game.


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