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John Figz

John Figz is a talented lyricist from New York City whose personality can literally fill the entire room. Figz's music is influenced by 90's New York hip hop including the late great Big Pun which he pays homage to in his Big Pun Freestyle video.

He also flexes his bilingual abilities with his latest EP titled "El Playboy" which is in Spanish. The project which features fellow VTheVoice community members Cilla Ramos and Papi Kaiser is only 4 songs but each song hits!

His latest endeavors with Delamusic and Erupt is a podcast titled "HipHop Advocates" which caters to hip hop fans. The show features a variety of guests who have come through and dropped some gems for the viewers.

Check out the podcast and the music for yourself and let me know what you think.

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John Figz is an avid hiphop fanatic. Growing up in the 90s enabled JFigz to appreciate the true essence of the culture. One can determine his passion by listening to his various projects. His latest venture is a podcast named HipHop Advocates that you can find on youtube, patreon etc. That caterers to the golden era of the genre with fellow comrades Delamusic and Erupt.

The Hip Hop Advocates are a group of New York Mc's, Producers and DJ's who have been doing music together for over 15 years.


El Playboy EP

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John Figz

Hip Hop Advocates Podcast Show

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