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Listen With Caution

RoyaleWCheeze introduced the world to his unique sound & style in 2020 with the release of his debut album - “The Duty Dozen”. His love for Hip Hop has kept him focused on what’s next to come, now a year later he delivers to the people and the culture of Hip Hop his second album, "Listen with Caution”. Consider this album a Royale with Cheese just Supersized… McDonalds reference lol

The title alone says a lot without saying much. RWC’s 2021 release is a lyrical upgrade from his debut drop. It seems he appears to be more-so focused on the content aspect of his work. Though he still rhymes with plenty of humor, listeners can compare the two albums and notice that he’s seemingly a bit more serious on his second body of work – almost as if he has something to prove.

Royale has less featured artists this time around although the amount of songs on his second album match the number given on his first. All three guest features reappear for round two as Debanaire, Godleecharles, and ReachingNOVA return to their comrade’s aid and bless “Listen with Caution” outstandingly with a verse each; magnificently executed.

RoyaleWCheeze bares his soul all alone on “Ode to Road Rage”, “Concourse”, “Ambitionz as a Sire”, and “Punchline Bling”. “The X is where I live, life’s an everyday struggle”, the Bronx native expresses a sense of vulnerability with his opening line on “Concourse” - when I heard this I felt like, all jokes aside, now it’s feeling relatable. Don’t get me wrong, I dig his more humorous approach on songs because I always felt it’s dope to say what other rappers would likely detour from. Some might feel like it’s not the cool thing to say. Royale makes it the cool thing to say. That’s what makes Royale’s fabric standout.

His flows are pretty unorthodox as well, which is nice because majority rappers flow in pockets and color in the lines a lot of the time. Royale also detours from this, but it doesn’t sonically clash with beat. I would say his rap approach via flow could at times resemble greats such as MF DOOM or Ol Dirty Bastard. Also, the beats are really good. No matter wherever the emcee chooses to take his flow - the actual instrumentation, as in the musical sounds supporting his vocals, take each song to the next level. Geo The Architect is the albums beat producer, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. Geo does amazingly well executing his contributions for “Listen with Caution”.

RoyaleWithcheeze isn’t just a fan of Hip Hop, HE IS HIP HOP! I look forward to hearing what’ll come next from the NYC emcee, but for now I take this time to listen back and digest “Listen with Caution” - Streamable Worldwide:

Here’s a personal message from the artist himself:

"It all began as a whisper.

A fire burning for 6 years, lying dormant beneath the surface like a motherfucking

inactive volcano, with lava simmering just waiting to erupt and burn everything in its path with lyrics of fury.The want, need and longing for something more, something meaningful something that I actually give a shit damn or flying fuck about. It was my artistic spirit that cried out from the depths of my lyrical soul. It was the bigger than life persona and lyrics of a supaVilllain born in London Mf Doom, and the relentless punishing heart pounding verses of the Bronx’s own Big Punisher that I drew my inspiration from. It was the consistency of my Brothers RaechingNova and Pusha Preme that gave me a Final Push to dive into music like Trey Songz.

It was the Mentorship I received from my Spirit Animal Queen V and The BARbarian Debanaire. My stage name comes from the need to keep my content tasty so drew inspiration from the French version of a tasty burger hence RoyaleWcheeze. So Ladies and Gentlemen, break out ya papers, deutches, fanto or whatever on this gods green earth you choose to indulge in with the marvelous Maryjane, and Please enjoy this Delectable Second album I’ve concocted with my brothas godleecharles. Reachingnova Debanaire,

My producer Geo The Architect and remember……Listen With Caution."

Click here to listen

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