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Loopty Leigh's Crochet

In a country where so many everyday usage items are mass produced and outsourced, it's lovely to have access to the alternative – handcrafted goods! I have this emotional connection when it comes to small businesses, maybe because my mom has had a few throughout my lifetime, so I take great pride when supporting any I have an interest in. Loopty Leigh's Crochet is one of those businesses I speak of. At this particular shop you’ll find beautifully made crochet items such as beanies for all ages, hooded ponchos for the young, crochet diaper covers for toddlers, and even slippers. With the holiday season approaching - visit the website, I’m sure you’ll find something fun for someone on your gift list that’ll be grateful to receive a high quality handmade item from Loopty Leigh's Crochet's store. She produces custom orders as well! Check out the store and let me know what you end up ordering should you find something that holds your interest.

To learn more about this business and how to order please see below:

"Hello, Beautiful People!

My name is Leigh. I am a military spouse, stay at home mom, and the small business owner of Loopty Leigh’s Crochet. I specialize in baby apparel and I also take custom orders for blankets. I learned how to crochet almost 5 years ago. Some of the first things I learned how to crochet were baby items (dresses, blankets, booties, hats, and headbands). Crochet started as a hobby but I decided to try to turn that hobby into a business. Thus, my Etsy shop was born.

Crochet allows me to tap into my creative side. I love working on crochet pieces and thinking about how beautiful the end results will be. I love sharing my gifts and services with others because it allows me to create memorable gifts that can be cherished for decades."

This link will take you to all my social media accounts and my Etsy shop:

You can contact me through any of the messaging services via my social media platforms or through my email

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