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Lyrically Aware

I was listening to Lyrically Aware's 'Queendom: The Mixtape' and from just this project you understand the type of artist she is. The project is only 5 songs but each one has a message, like her song "All Black" with lyrics like "this is more than an agenda but my purpose to be". She is real and unapologetically herself as she delivers her lyrics with candor, dope beats and catchy hooks. I love my ratchet music but its refreshing to hear a female voice spreading some truths rather than the mainstream sexual messages that the industry wants us to spread. If you want to hear some truth coming from a powerful Queen's voice please check out more below:



Lyrically Aware (LA) is a poetic Lyricist born in Long Beach, CA & raised in the Inland Empire. LA loves lyrics, the emotions they evoke, the joy they can bring and the pain they can release. "For me, music and the words set me Free." Lyrically Aware continues to invest in her passion and creating quality art. Her work highlights love, glimpses of her childhood and being Black in Amerkkkaa.


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