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Mic Ultra

Mic Ultra was born in Newark, New Jersey and began his musical journey in 2016. Since then Mic's worked on his brand and developed a signature sound of his own. Check for yourself his latest single "The Ride" which can be heard on all digital streaming platforms. Mic Ultra is featured in the video for "Bounce" with Kay$Rich on YouTube. A link for both can also be found below.

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Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Mic Ultra is an influential Musician. Since embarking on his career in 2016, he has entranced his fans with his signature sound. It’s no exaggeration to say Mic Ultra has broken boundaries with his unique sound. Whether you’ve been to one of his many live performances or you’ve heard one of his recordings, you’ll see why he is renowned for his technical capabilities and musical versatility.


Click to listen to - The Ride

Kay$Rich - Bounce (Official Music Video) ft Mic Ultra

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