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This Cilla Ramos music video is a must see for anyone on the ambitious journey of dream chasing. This is also especially for you if you’re a fan of some good dembow music that’ll get your body on the move. I’m honored to have been present at the video shoot! I even made it in one of the scenes so let me know if you catch me in the visual. Watch below or on #YouTube - like, comment, and share so Cilla knows how you feel about this particular song.

Cilla Ramos - Millones

About the video:

“Millones” is a latin dembow track about a girl from Queens, NY with big dreams and even bigger ambitions. Cilla Ramos is that girl. Motivated by her struggles & growing up in a single parent household, she was inspired by her mothers strength, work ethic and the poverty that she has always wanted so badly to escape. Cilla Ramos wrote this song, co-produced the beat alongside Producer Geo The Architect & also came up with the treatment for the music video. With the help of Producer/Film Director Geo The Architect & Greater Reason management, she was able to bring her vision to life. “Millones” is available on all streaming platforms & the new music video is out now on YouTube! Leave a like & comment, and don’t forget to subscribe & follow on instagram @cillaramosmusic to keep up with new projects from this rising star. Stay tuned!

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