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ReachingNOVA is a gem in the independent artist genre. He has quite a few songs in his catalogue, including something for everyone. He has two albums "It's About Time" and "It Was What It Was", he has a few singles out including his latest "In These Times" and "World So Empty" featuring Dave East. He also has quite a few professionally done, high quality videos for your visual entertainment. If you want to know more about him all you have to do is google him, you'll either be drawn to him due to his lyrics, flow, swag or charisma, ReachingNOVA is definitely worth checking out.

Below is more info on him, please feel free to contact him or his management team for bookings or features.



ReachingNOVA is an American Rapper, Producer, Song Writer, and Entrepreneur from The Bronx, New York City. His songs echo the lush melodies of contemporary rap, with the punch and the lyrical honesty of the “Golden Age” - yet, he is true to self in every sense when it comes to laying his soul in music. With a focus on thoughtful lyrics over mood fueling instrumentals, ReachingNOVA creates songs with a smooth yet versatile lyrical flow, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rap storytellers of all generations - from KRS ONE to Biggie Smalls or Drake, but he's also really inspired by people such as LeBron James, Michael Jackson, and Anthony Robbins.


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