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You could light up, or pour a glass of wine to this. Light some incense, turn the lights down low, and get lost in the melodious music. This soulful album is a collection of tracks featuring talented local artists from Fort Worth, Texas. The SYLA album: volume 2 features music from Ladi, Pat, Marcus Alexander, Jelen, poetry from Trang, and a V the Voice community member - Sin. Sin gives us all the details here.

Listening to these tracks I felt myself shifting into a state of relaxation as I got lost in the ambience of smooth jazz music fused with the word of poets whose voices are just as soothing as the music itself - an extremely pleasant combination. The love poem "PRTTY" featuring Sin, is a tune for anyone whose in love with whom they believe to be a soulmate, themselves, or simply life as is. On the track titled "Wolf of Poetry", Sin shows us his lyrical capabilities throughout his word play as the music supporting his vocals drift the listener away while still luring listeners into a clear headspace to receive his words delivered. Fair warning the track "GLTTR" is NSFW and can make you really feel that glass of wine 😅. Sin delivers the erotic poem over euphonious music that I dare you not to get lost in.

The concept of the album is as beautiful as the music on each track. Ladi Oyediran wanted to shine a light and support local artists - this project titled SYLA stands for Support Your Local Artists. It brought together different musicians and poets while creating a collection of harmonious music for all of us to enjoy.

Click below for links to listen for yourself and let me know what you think!


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