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Through The Heartbreak

"Time doesn't heal wounds, it just teaches us how to handle it better"

A quote that dances with truth, spoken by the passionate writer, Melanie G. Butcher - used in the introduction of her new book:

"Through The Heartbreak : Poems of Love, Heartache and Life".

This book of emotions can be a friend to anyone going through a heartbreak or rough patch. That quote in particular drew me in, and there are poems written by Mel that spoke to me - mind you, I'm not even dealing with a breakup in this period of my life. There are different forms of heartbreak. In this book there are poems for all the feels.

Melanie breaks the book down by stages: "The 5 Stages of Recovery After a Breakup

& Getting Over That____". She includes an open space which allows readers to personalize this book - bridging a collaboration of her thoughts and words with the life experiences of the reader. The stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. There's also a neat bonus stage - Winning! These stages relate to any type of pain the heart can feel. I know firsthand - losing my father which was my biggest heartbreak to date. I know these stages well.

This book journeys through the many emotions we each feel. It's as if you're reading her journal as she flows through life each day. She vulnerably walks you through each stage. There are some pages with drawings on them, which is pretty cool because they're sweet surprises I wasn't expecting to see. Interestingly enough, these drawings seem to reflect the emotions behind the words read on a page. The poems are intense, passionate, relatable, and full of healing energy. You'll feel it - As Queen penned these words, pain was being released, and she beautifully transcends into this space of healing.

With that said, I invite you to read the book yourself! Dive into a few poems and see how a gifted writer like Melanie can help someone going through the intensities of life feel seen, feel understood, and become inspired. Below is more info on the author! I included two short poems as a taste to help you make the decision to click on the link and order your copy now.

Can you guess which stage each poem is from?

That Ache

This emptiness that I feel

Can't explain it

Just know the depth of the pain

That fills the void left behind

The pain is so loud

It roars in my ears like a lion who just lost his pride

For without family who is he really

As loneliness sets in

The pain gets louder

Taking up space left in your heart

The ache is all too real

Death would be more compassionate than this

Modern day torture to be in a room surrounded by people

But crippled by the pain of deceit and loneliness

Just can't believe it's come to this

True Beauty

Naked in my regalness

Nude yet clothed

Bind yet seen

Beauty adorned by many

Few for the taking

Humble yet honest

Shy yet bold

Timid yet courageous

Shine cause I'm golden

Created in his image

Yet I stand alone

Surrounded by many

Yet my story is untold

Available on Amazon: Buy Now

About The Author

Melanie G. Butcher is a Trinidadian-American writer/poet born in the heart of New York who now resides in Maryland. She is the CEO of the formerly known omen's magazine Boss Ladies Magazine and is soon to relaunch her online magazine under the name of She's Life Magazine. Before her life as a writer, Melanie was a domestic violence counselor at the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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