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I love me a catchy name, it makes you stop in your tracks and want to find out more. This artist from the South has a super catchy name- XctionPlxyPxuse. Tell me you don't see that name and immediately want to find out more about this brand.

There is an abundance amount of music already out and available to stream from XctionPlxyPxuse, with a bunch of catchy beats for you to bop to. Any artist that has this much music out, you know works super hard on their craft. With more hard work and continuous writing, there's no telling what the future may hold for XctionPlxyPxuse.

To learn more about this artist or to connect with XctionPlxyPxuse , please view below:



Hi my name is XctionPlxyPxuse. I’m a Rapper, & I’m very sensitive about my ish. I’m from the south & I love making music. I write, freestyle, & etc. check my music out ❗️🤮 XxXxX Play World Ent 🌍



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Social Media

Instagram: @XctionPlxyPxuse

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New Album

"It Is What It Is"

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"My new single “Pimp Talk” is one of my favorite & different song I ever done. I’m always trying to find ways to challenge myself. It’s catchy, has different flows & it tells a small story. Hope yall enjoy it" - XctionPlxyPxuse

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