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Queen V


Vanessa Germosen, professionally known as Queen V, leads an all-encompassing brand consulting agency which focuses on the development of artists. She is a brand consultant, artist advisor, marketing director, manager and event coordinator. Alongside with ReachingNOVA, Queen V operates & manages Kings Legacy as well as Queen Legacy, in which she has created strategic marketing campaigns that support the advancement of independent artists in their careers. Furthermore, she specializes in curating special opportunities for artists to perfect their craft, acquire exposure, and obtain compensation, such us musical exhibitions, listening parties, and live performances.


Queen V is passionate about aiding in catapulting associated artists into flourishing music careers, and working alongside them to manifest their dreams. In a business that may foster the exploitation of talented individuals, Queen V has the best interests of her artists at the forefront of every decision that is made. Integrity is a value and staple in all of her dealings. Additionally, she is an advocate for her clients and is adamant about protecting their artistry, livelihood, and brand. Building community over competition is the centralized focus of her endeavors.

As a result, she has crafted an initiative to construct a networking community of creative professionals for purposes of establishing connection, expanding influence, collaboration, and to create additional opportunities for her clients. The network will consist of, but not limited to videographers, photographers, producers, set designers, dancers, models, clothing brands, graphic designers, disc jockeys, and promoters. An artist cannot be an island. Success in the music industry is essentially derived through nurturing professional relationships.

Queen V is thrilled to embark on this musical artistic journey with each client that she consults and/or manages. She is devoted to each artist that is in her care, to have them thrive and excel in their craft.


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